Under Anima Alternative’s governance rules the investment process should be overseen by the Investment Department, under the supervision of the Board of Directors and with all the necessary control measures in place (compliance, audit, risk management).

Board of Directors

Livio Raimondi Chairman
Giampiero Schiavo Chief Executive Officer
Alessandro Melzi d’Eril ​Board Member
Philippe Minard Board Member
Pierluigi Giverso Board Member
Francesca Pasinelli Board Member (Independent)
Costanza Torricelli Board Member (Independent)

Board of Statutory Auditors

Tiziana Di Vincenzo President
Gabriele Camillo Erba Statutory ​​Auditor
Claudia Rossi Statutory ​​Auditor
Nicoletta Cogni Alternative Auditor
Paolo Mungo Alternative Auditor