Our market

A changing economic environment, sustainability, technological evolution and new global trends, imply major challenges for companies and investors, creating the need for new investment solutions.

After a long period of extremely low interest rates, the steep rise in inflation is forcing companies to approach their growth projects through new strategies and means and to pursue their digital transformation, reorienting their business model towards greater sustainability.

In recent years Italy’s regulatory framework has allowed and encouraged the development of a range of new investment solutions. These have different liquidity and risk levels, but share the same goal: to bring private savings closer to the real economy.

In this context, ANIMA considers it strategic to develop its management of illiquid alternative products in order to meet the growing demand from its customers for investment solutions capable of creating a diversified portfolio with higher returns and lower volatility than those achievable with listed instruments. Thanks to the products developed by Anima Alternative, ANIMA is also able to respond to the growing demand for alternative finance among SMEs.

In January 2021 Anima Alternative launched its first product, the Anima Alternative 1 direct lending fund, followed in March 2023 by the launch of the second fund, Anima Alternative 2.